Epistemic Trespasser (gluckq) wrote,
Epistemic Trespasser

Verona: Romeo and Juliet

Who could have thought that we will pay for visiting Juliet's house and even send a letter to her?

Certain smart guy declared his house to be the house of Juliet, and now tourists rush in to make a picture at the famous balcony. We bought a special ticket for all the museums in Verona, and that thing was there! So, when we passed by, we thought maybe we should take a look. Not at the house, but at the crazy tourists. However, it was a really old house, so we decided to go inside, as we were curious how people lived 500 years ago. One room was stuffed with computers -- for those who wanted to send a letter to Juliet, and there were enough of those! We wanted to see what happens when one clicks "send", so we wrote "ghj". Hope, Juliet will not be bored.

Staying on the balcony and seeing all the crowd beneath, I thought, maybe Shakespeare meant this: how miserable are those people who indulge in low passions, forgetting the high values -- duty and honour, but apparently I am the only one who draws such a conclusion from his play.

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