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Economist напечатал статью израильского премьер-министра, в которой он открытым текстом излагает измышления плоскоземельщиков. В частности, что решение о вакцинации третьей дозой было политическое, а не медицинское.

"A third dose protects people, the economy and social wellbeing — and crucially, retains public trust in vaccines", -- резюмирует Economist.

Israel began vaccinating last December, after America and Britain had given the vaccine emergency approval. Yet there was no regulatory approval for the safety or efficacy of a third dose.

Paradoxically, people with two doses can be at increased risk...

...Besides avoiding the debilitating damage of another lockdown, there was a further reason for going ahead with the booster doses. As the Delta wave was rising, we had more cases among vaccinated people than among people who hadn't received a jab. When twice-dosed people are infected and fall ill, it erodes the public’s trust in the vaccines and discourages others from getting vaccinated. This is why... we decided the third jabs were necessary to safeguard the public’s confidence in the vaccines.

There are those trying to publicly undermine the necessity and success of vaccinations. If we allow the defences of those who did the right thing and got vaccinated early to wane, just when new waves of infection are on the rise, we will not only be exposing them to danger, but providing fodder for the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists.

Из этой статьи я делаю вывод: вацины работают плохо, про "остановить эпидемию" речь уже ващще не идёт, но колоть всё равно надо по политическим причинам -- чтобы взбодрить веру лохтората в вакцины. Очевидно это теперь государственная религия.
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