Epistemic Trespasser (gluckq) wrote,
Epistemic Trespasser

no taxation without vaccination!

Collectivists say: “If you refuse to get vaccinated, you shouldn’t get treatment”. I use the same argument to explain why I don’t want a universal health care. If you don’t obey the state, you don’t get health care, but you will still be forced to pay for it. And it's not limited to vaccines.

  • на деревню дедушке

    Взрослые люди не пишут писем Деду Морозу, вместо этого они голосуют на выборах.

  • delete elite

    If you injected truth into politics, you’d have no politics.

  • Believe in $cience!

    The vaccines are so effective that you need a booster, and so safe that the FDA won't approve the booster.

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