Epistemic Trespasser (gluckq) wrote,
Epistemic Trespasser

delete elite

Whenever I see an extremely dumb talking point repeated by many people, I know it didn't arise by chance. Anyone can figure out the truth — it's inherently decentralized — but motivated stupidity comes from centralized sources.

Автор цитаты -- не какой-нибудь conspiracy theorist, а знаменитый venture капиталист, если чё.

  • на деревню дедушке

    Взрослые люди не пишут писем Деду Морозу, вместо этого они голосуют на выборах.

  • delete elite

    If you injected truth into politics, you’d have no politics.

  • Believe in $cience!

    The vaccines are so effective that you need a booster, and so safe that the FDA won't approve the booster.

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