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Why America's Oligarchs Are Moving Left

Статья в Zerohedge хорошо формулирует то, что мы уже не раз обсуждали с друзьями (и особенно с michaelkoloboff).

For wealthy members of society..., there’s a diminishing marginal utility of money.

Spending hundreds of millions on civilization-destroying campaigns is a casual expense for America’s premier tycoons, who have plenty of money to spare after covering their expenses on basic necessities. When someone is rich, say an individual who has $10 billion, they have the luxury of throwing money at uneconomic ventures without losing any sleep about meeting their basic economic needs. The multibillionaire spearheading a woke project that is rejected by the public will not land in the poorhouse from the financial fallout.

It’s perhaps counterintuitive for financial heavyweights to throw their weight behind an individual and a movement advocating for the destruction of private property, but it makes sense when analyzing how rent-seeking economic actors behave in the context of state centralization.

Business magnates are often caricatured as
homines oeconomici whose only concern is profit and who see human relations through an exclusively transactional lens.

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