Epistemic Trespasser (gluckq) wrote,
Epistemic Trespasser

кто полезнее -- Гезелль или ростовщики?

Libertarianism is against coercion, not collective action. People can act collectively without coercing each other. Authoritarians don't understand this because their ideas are so bad they can only get others to join them by coercion. People who have useful ideas -- that others want to join voluntary -- are far less authoritarian.

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    Недавно знаменитый Dr.Dre (не знаю кто такой) развёлся с женой, и судья приговорил его выплачивать бывшей жене $10000 в день до конца жизни,…

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  • Believe in $cience!

    The vaccines are so effective that you need a booster, and so safe that the FDA won't approve the booster.

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