reckless personal opinions (gluckq) wrote,
reckless personal opinions

первоапрельская шутка

A priest, a pastor and a rabbit walked in to blood donation clinic.
The nurse asked the rabbit: "What is your blood type?"
"I am probably a type O", said the rabbit.

  • what does "divource" even mean?

    Недавно знаменитый Dr.Dre (не знаю кто такой) развёлся с женой, и судья приговорил его выплачивать бывшей жене $10000 в день до конца жизни,…

  • source: experts

    Experts say that 50% of people will believe anything if you start the sentence with 'experts say'.

  • friendly reminder

    Chicago was much safer when Al Capone was in charge.

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