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fiat fragility

Кантильонеры -- мультимиллионеры, сделавшие себе состояние благодаря эффекту Кантильона.

Fiat privilege is a concept that highlights the unfair advantages of certain people just because of their proximity to the money printer. The inflationists often feel the need to fiatsplain their fiat privilege away, but a denial of fiat privilege is usually evidence of fiat privilege. It is not uncommon for fiat privilege to become so embedded in the experience of a person of proximity that it can develop into what scholars call “fiat supremacy” — the false narrative that people of proximity are actually better than common people and add more value to society. This narrative is rooted in the historical falsehood that fiat money is superior to other kinds of money. This falsehood is a product of a systemically inflationist education system, and functions to preserve fiat privilege. The most damaging aspect of fiat supremacy is the belief in the possibility of “epistemic Cantillon neutrality” — that one can be neither an inflationist nor an anti-inflationist. This is fiat privilege par excellence. In reality, if you are not overtly anti-inflationist, you are an inflationist.
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