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наша пiсня гарна, нова...

Простые трудящиеся, пострадавшие от сексуальных маньяков, умоляют запретить шифрование:

Attempting to pull at the heartstrings, Barr drops this in his letter: "Survivors of child sexual abuse and their families have pleaded with technology companies to do more to prevent predators from exploiting their platforms to harm children."

Although governments continue to insist "it's for the children", -- комментирует журналист, -- the real problem (for them) is that encryption limits government power.
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    Верить, что политик отстаивает твои интересы, всё равно как верить, что проститутка трахается с тобой по любви.

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    People who talk about the root causes of crime never mention leniency.

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    Cultural appropriation is the main benefit of living in a multicultural society.

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